Our bosses

The foam density:

We created our targets keeping in mind that no two archers and their equipment are the same. Our different grade bosses guarantee that everyone will find the right target suitable for their gear and style.Inside all of our targets we use a special variations of different type of foam layers, developed with the help of professional archers during the years.
These layers all differ in thickness and density making sure your arrows are slowed down and stopped smoothly without any damage, rather than forcing them to a sharp stop when they hit the target.

What do the numbers 8K and 10K represent?

They mean the number of very high density foam layers included within the target. The higher the bows draw-weight the more of these layers we recommend.
A very effective all round target for any club is our 8K variation, which will stop arrows from 10"-60" comfortably.
All targets are weather proof and water resistant, and weight a weights less than half of traditional targets, like straw. Making it easy to transport, store and handle.
For clubs with a high number of compound archers we recommend our 10K version targets.

The cores:

The replacement cores are the most unique feature of Pro-Boss targets.
They withstand thousands of shots. No residue on extracted arrows. Weather proof and water resistant. Tightly fit to ensure zero movement at all times.
Once the core reaches the end of its lifecycle, simply pop in a new one and carry on using your target. It will save you from having to buy a whole new target time and time after again.
We developed 4 cores in 6 sizes.
You can mix and match the type and size of cores within any target you want us to build for you.

Durafoam core: The Durafoam replacement core is the finest feature of Pro-Boss targets. The design allows it to withstand thousands of shots thanks to its special material, which visually closes up the gaps and is effortless to pull from, while it`s also super effective at stopping arrows. Extracted arrows leave no evidence of penetration as the target mat expands back to its original form.

  • Can withstand thousands of shots
  • Extracted arrows leave no evidence of penetration as the target mat expands back to its original form
  • Super high density of: 400 kg/m3
  • Simply replace the core once it has been completely worn out

8K: 8 high density foam layers, our basic all around mixture, suitable for all types of bows and arrows
10K: 10 high density foam layers, best for clubs with compounders landing a high number of shot in a specific area.
12K: developed for cross bow archers, this core has 12 high density foam layers, making it one of the most effective targets out there for even very high poundage cross bows.
Available core sizes: 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 36cm